May 18, 2009

my new bathroom

This winter we had our partially-renovated-yet-still-antiquated (1979) master bath and closet overhauled. It wasn’t a huge project -- it only took three weeks -- but oh the joy and satisfaction it has brought me and Scott.

The original had the same granite countertops as in the kitchen (huh?) and a slate floor (also formerly in the kitchen), yet retained the original, moldy pink tile and dirty glass door in the shower. The closet and the shower/toilet area were tiny, while the sink area was a vast waste of space.

Enter Kenny and Mike. These guys had already laid our wood floors and tiled our patio and entrance, so I knew they were reliable and very able. Plus they make me laugh through the process of ripping up my house. They also provided surprisingly insightful design advice, and so together we reconfigured the space: much bigger closet, still spacious vanity area, pocket doors for privacy to the bedroom (it was open before), and a pony wall between the shower and vanity that allows for the circulation of light and air.

The floors, shower walls, and vanity top are all “seagrass” limestone. The shower floor is dark grey river rock, and accents in the shower and back splash are a smokey blue/grey glass mosaic.

The closet is a highlight. All Elfa products from Container Store. Gliding drawers, room for shoes, a jewelry drawer (!) and storage space that we can never get enough of. Not once but two or three times, Scott has walked into it and said, to no one in particular, “I love this closet.”

I have been meaning to email Liz and Mel pictures of the finished project. It was on my “to do” list for ages. Eventually, this task was the seed that led me to create this blog. So until you can come to AZ in person, this is a preview of “my new bathroom!”