Jun 4, 2009

a birthday pillow

I made this tiny pillow for Meade's 8th birthday. It's only about 8 inches wide. I think she likes it.

The one frustration I'm finding with needlepoint is the complete lack of attractive canvases. They are either old fashioned or Holly Hobby queer. So I took it upon myself to design this one. I downloaded and enlarged a favorite font for the "M" and copied a cool graphic from a desk calendar for the spray of flowers.

I was a little nervous about taking it to the finisher. They once put a hideous dark green moire on the back of a Christmas Santa - bluck! So, I gave strict instructions to use an "apple green velvet" and lo-and-behold, they hit the mark exactly. I'm so pleased. Let's hope she keeps it off of the floor.

summer fun in the pool

Remember the George Washington?