Jul 11, 2009

an afternoon at Dionis Beach

Cousins! We have been so excited to spend time in Nantucket with our cousins!! Yesterday we went to the beach late in the day. There was boogie boarding and sand castle building.

Believe it or not, corn on the cob was successfully eaten two nights ago.

Jul 10, 2009


What follows are some images from our visit to Terrace Park. Lots of cloudy days and cool temps, which were a welcome change. Though we spent less time at the Swim Club than we had anticipated, we completely enjoyed hanging out and catching up with lots and lots of our friends. In addition to staying with the Gatches, the girls had a total of five sleepovers... They were running on fumes by the end.

Riding home from the Louisville airport upon our arrival. Eating jellybeans and catching up.

A walk in Red Bird Hollow where we loved to go with Fergus and Nick. We had to pretend they were there with us and not, in reality, lounging in the bathroom back in Arizona.

Full 4th of July regalia during a spectacular backyard fireworks display.

Ahhh -- welcome to the Dolphin Bay Spa where all of us were treated to marvelous facials, massage, hair and nails by four young entrepreneurs.

The older girls dressed for some type of princess/ prom/ cotillion-thing out by the backyard castle.

Wishing I had taken A LOT more pictures. Now we are in Nantucket and I've got my camera all ready to go with us to the beach. It's a gorgeous, cool and sunny day. I am happy.