Jan 31, 2010


I have a long-held desire to garden, but I've never gotten much past indoor plants. About twenty years ago, in Williamstown, Massachusetts, I had a small backyard garden that included tomatoes (successful) , peppers (stunted in growth) and basil so hardy that the stems were woody. I think we even grew some carrots. Since then I've been limited to a pot of basil each summer. Now that I'm in Arizona, I have to learn the zones and growing seasons anew.

This past fall I bought my requisite pot of basil along with a cherry tomato plant. The tomato plant didn't like the heat but did manage to survive our month away thanks to religious watering.

But once the cooler night came along, it started to blossom. Now, in January, it is filled with green fruit of all sizes. A handful ripens each week.

This is this morning's harvest.

And this is my favorite garden pig snuffling his tiny tomato friend.