Feb 9, 2010

african violets

As long as I've had house plants, I've tended a few pots of African violets. My current four pots seems to be particularly happy right now. There are two pots with regal purple flowers (particularly abundant) and two, curly-leaved pale pink blossomed plants. You can see the fuzz on the leaves.

My violets remind me of my grandmother's. In Nat's kitchen window above her sink, glass shelves held her collection of healthy, colorful violets. They were always there, in a sunny window, where she could enjoy them every day.

A friend once gave me a few small pots of miniature violets. She gave them to me when she moved away, but they died when I moved shortly afterward. I've never seen any others like them (the tiny kind). Too bad, but these four pots are doing quite well.

1 comment:

  1. I have one healthy African violet, but it never seems to bloom. They are definitely a reminde of Nat!