Aug 25, 2010

My Needlepoint Pillow

This just back from the finishers. It's a box pillow. I was really concerned about the fabric the finishers might select, so I went out and bought my own. It's a faille; the ridges barely visible in this photo. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had added a border of twisted fibers that pick up the main colors.

Thanks, Andrea, for providing me with the wool for this project. The design is a rip off/ combo. of a few designs by a needlepoint artist that I like. Meade is the artist responsible for the small bumblebee.

Wish I could find the photos of the work in progress. Will add them here if and when I do.

Meanwhile, it's happily ensconced in my bedroom away from dogs, food, and children!


  1. wow! that's really great. I love the horizontal lines and their that you're touch?

  2. OOOOOOOO! I remember seeing you work on this - great!!
    LOVE it!